Method for Alternative Treatment of Attention Deficit and Concentration Disorder

❌ If you got tired of every day’s fight;
❌ If you fed up your scattering;
❌ If you got tired of your mood fluctuating;
❌ If you have difficulty managing your emotions;

✅ If you want to live and not just survive;
✅ If you want healthy self-confidence;
✅ If you want to be focused, stable and balanced;
✅ If you want to find your real-life purpose;

Then this Program is made for You.

Throughout the 90-day mentoring program, we introduce step-by-step those techniques by which our focus strengthening. By acquiring purposeful, practices built on each other and their routine application, we take our scattered attention and irregular life back into our hands.

You can be experienced by following:

  • As a result of the exercises, our relationship with ourselves awake.
  • Your physique and nervous system are strengthening. Your self-assurance and self-confidence are strengthening on finer levels.
  • Your internal stability is enhanced as well as our resilience to external stimulations.
  • Your attention and concentration develops, you become more focused.
  • The constant compulsion moving decreases, therefore inner calm becomes more often experienced.

I’m mentoring and teaching adults who suffer from nervous system disorders for techniques to help them create a focused, balanced life for themselves and their children.

Through my personal involvement, I sympathize deeply with those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I experienced it directly, so I know exactly the symptoms, the difficulties, the obstacles, and now the solutions.

My intention that those who have lost focus in the accelerated lifestyle of our century, suffer from a lack of concentration, can experience an organised, self-confident, balanced and self-identical life.

That’s why I created Eszter Mak Method.


“I feel myself much more focused and concentred. I’m starting my tasks confidetly – and finally – in carrying them out. I’m more consciously present in my life, I have influence on it. For me it is a huge change. Another huge change what I’m experienced that the constant overnight lifestyle has turned into a daytime lifestyle; it was a big challenge for me. I’m seeing a noticeable improvement in the quality of life. “

Feri (38)


“We started working with Eszter at the beginning of the year. I thought the new year might bring a new way of life, maybe a fuller life, and I didn’t have to be disappointed. Esther accompanied me with extraordinary skill, great patience, tremendous momentum, and enthusiasm throughout these couple of weeks. She put together a special program that was completely tailored to me and also provided constant help in integrating it into my everyday life. Since then, I’ve been much more collected both in my work and in my private life, and even if I tip out of balance, I already know how can I find back shortly.

I wholeheartedly recommend Esther to everyone who is open to change for a fuller, more joyful life.”

Nora (37)

I’m Eszter Mák, mentor and yoga teacher. I have been dealing with self-improvement techniques (Yoga, Ayurveda, Cognitive Techniques), conscious, healthy lifestyles and their education for 12 years.